What is TIN?

Ebonyi State Internal Revenue Board, being one of the major funding arms of the Government, has taken on the challenge of increasing the IGR of the State through the adoption and implementation of various strategies which have impacted positively on revenue generation and collection.

Ebonyi State, in 2019, deployed a sophisticated online framework to boost internally generated revenue in the State. This we refer to as EBICS (Ebonyi State Internally Generated Revenue Central System).

Ebonyi State Taxpayers would now be able to confirm thier Taxpayers Identification Number (TIN), Assessments / Demand Notices, Payment Receipts, Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) as well as locate revenue collection banks and tax offices. Tax payers can also start the process of obtaining a TIN from anywhere they are in the world.

EBICS is loaded with a powerful dashboard for effective revenue monitoring.